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Hunting Information, Laws, and Forms

Hunting Permission Form (Download)

Hunting is very popular in the Town of Hampden, but safety and hunting in accordance with the law are concerns of our department.  Not only must you be a licensed hunter, possess a LTC or FID, but you must also have written permission from the landowner.  Below is the Town of Hampden by-law in regards to hunting:

SECTION 6. Hunting (adopted April 21,1991 amended April 28, 2008)
No person shall hunt by any means, trap or discharge a firearm on any land owned by the Town of Hampden.  No person shall hunt by any means, trap or discharge a firearms on any private property in the Town of Hampden, other than said person's property or the property of said person's parents, children, grandchildren or their spouses, without written permission of the owner of the land upon which hunting, trapping, or discharging of a firearm will take place.  Permission forms shall be obtained from the Hampden Town Clerk's Office.  The Town Clerk shall receive and stamp all copies, one of which shall be forwarded to the Police Department by the Town Clerk. 

Each offender shall receive a written notice to appear before the Clerk of the district court at any time during working hours not later than twenty-one days after the date of such notice.  Fine for first offense shall be $100.00.  Second time offenders shall be fined a minimum of $100 up to $300.  This bylaw shall be enforced by all State and Local law enforcement officials and shall be administered under the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 21D on non-criminal dispositions.  This bylaw shall not apply to the lawful defense of life and property, or to any discharge of firearms in accordance with law enforcement. 

For the purposes of this bylaw a firearms shall be defined as any instrument  used in the propulsion of shot, shell, bullets, or ball by the use of gunpowder or any weapons as defined in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140, Section 121 and shall include any bow and arrow.